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Milestone is the brain child of Rodell Ramsey Sr.

During a particular summer holiday weekend, roughly 10 years ago, a veteran and his family were in a crisis when they happened upon Mr. Ramsey. Seeing them in distress, he offered his assistance.

During their discussion, Mr. Ramsey attempted to help the family find the resources they needed to get through the three day weekend which included food and shelter. The result was finding that in the Toledo, Lucas County area, there were no available veterans resource centers or any help available on the weekend or holiday. This was discouraging to both the family and Mr. Ramsey who himself is a veteran. Waiting until Tuesday was the answer they both received.

It was at this time that Mr. Ramsey became determined to find a solution to this problem so no other veteran and their family would be wondering the parking lots and streets of Toledo, looking for food and shelter, because resource centers are only available to help during weekday business hours.